No brave posting? I guess I will.

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No brave posting? I guess I will.

Post by CureMyMind on Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:27 am

No one really that brave enough to post here Neutral. I think I will.. You can post here about anything of your life or just want to rant around like "halsdkh;asjfasdjf;lfjasdfja;lsdfja" and spam well here is the palce to do that. It's nice to have a place where there is no rules.. So this forum has rules and one spot with no rules or ristrictions of any kind of langue you wish to use.

I work at fixing computers so I see some intresting shit on those computers. I wont mention names but I'm already pointing at you. Yes you, you know what you do with your computers... Any who Smile

I was at a hotel and there was very hot chick that What a Face oh man had and I don't know if she still does but I can guess she does, has a nice ass Very Happy. I hope the girl that I like doesn't see this Shocked but I'll show her later... People!!! It's ok to stare and admire the beauty of life and what ever you see...

I hate Mac's, Sony Pc computers, Toshiba Pc computers, and Dell Pc computers, eMachin's to... I can go into more details but eh why bother. It's plain and simple I just don't like them and have had bad experiances with them. I like HP, IBM and thats it for now. Well maybe Gateway.

Well to all that don't know me I am CureMyMind and you can go screw yourself which you know you do. Don't say you don't b/c i know you like to Basketball spank the ball or use the scratch finger to scratch hahahah, just saying.

I don't do things because they are hard nore because they are needed. I do them simply because I can -CureMyMind


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