Java Player for Linux

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Java Player for Linux

Post by CureMyMind on Sat Feb 19, 2011 3:58 pm

Before we begin let me just say... "I have only tested this in BackTrack. So if you people can leave a comment bellow please tell me if it worked or what problems your having." You can also get the windows installer but this one is for linux. I don't know if you need the gstreamer dependencies, but someone out there can let us know. Remember if you are not in root use sudo in your commands. With that said lets begin.

1. Download the file and extract it. You are a smart kid you should know how extract if you don't please ask and we well tell you.

2. Make a bash script for me I will make "" in the jlgui3.0 folder. Or you can use the one that's in there. I don't wan to use it and I want to start out fresh.

3. Now edit the newly made bash script. I will use gedit and put this in.

NOTE: I am using root and I made a directory on the destop called
NOTE: /root/Root/Programs, and thats where I extracted the jlgui3.0.tar.gz
NOTE: So if you used somethingn different then use that directory

NOTE: Remember the space infront of #!/bin/bash so, "space#!/bin/bash" got it?
cd /root/Root/Programs/jlgui3.0
java -jar jlgui3.0.jar
NOTE: The directory path to where you cd (change directory) might be different from mine. Your a smart kid you can figure it out.
4. Save it and open up the terminal/konsole....
Command:chmod: to add excectutable just do a chmod--help if you don't understand.
root@bt~# chmod a+x

Command:Now This is the test in command, to test the script we just made.
root@bt~# ./

5. Now make a desktop short cut. Make a empty file with any name and open it with your favorit text editor. I will use Gedit.
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Java MP3 Player
Name=Java Player
NOTE: The directory paths might be different if you are using another os or if you made your user instead of using root like I did.
6. Save it and see if it works by clicking on the desktop short cut. And if it does then your good Smile, and enjoy!

You can find skins here Give Me Skins so click on me

I have a video on youtube for you lazy people.

I don't do things because they are hard nore because they are needed. I do them simply because I can -CureMyMind

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Re: Java Player for Linux

Post by BL4CKS4B3R on Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:20 pm

Nice job man, dont forget to pop over to our forum once in a while and post there too Smile

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