1/31/2011 Announcement About skin

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1/31/2011 Announcement About skin

Post by CureMyMind on Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:47 pm

Me and the staff are working really hard to get a right skin for this forum... As of right now we are only playing with the skin's we find... As soon as we build a skin for this forum. We will just use something that we find... Soo many bugs but hopefully the skin's that we find should be easy to read now.

Just be paient with us we are working really hard for you. And we also have a life and other obligations that keeps us very slow at up keep of this forum. And as of right now the only person that is doing most of the up keeping is me. But my staff should get right on it since I am the one that started this forum and hopefully it will soon be all of ours. So with that said we are doing our best. And I hope you guys/girls are patient with us.

Thank You For all your understanding from CureMyMind.

I don't do things because they are hard nore because they are needed. I do them simply because I can -CureMyMind

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