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BackTrack Volume Increase

Post by CureMyMind on Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:08 pm

I have only tested this in Backtrack 4 and the r1, r2 versions. But I have noticed that in most distrios have this master volume control. This is actually a simple one if you thik your Linux box has this then try this next command and see what you get.

root@bt:~# alsamixer

Use the arows on your keyboard.

UP arrow moves the volume up.
Down arrow moves the volume down.
Left/Right change where you want to edit.
M button on your keyboard mutes or unmutes the slected control.

ctrl and the letter C Will let you exit

up & down ----- is to change the levels
m ----- mute or un mute
left & right ----- change
ctrl+C ----- quit/exit/goodbye

So there you have it. What I found out that to get more volume on your Linux box just find the one that says master and move it up and close. Then watch your Linux Box have more volume.

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