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Post by CureMyMind on Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:38 pm

I know that this site was orginally for Linux but the partners of this site have decided to go in a different direction. Your questions and tutorials for Linux will only be moved, so do not worry the site will still be easy to understand.

Now that I've said that. Here are the new changes that are going to happen. This site will no long be only about Linux but any and all questions. I had thought about this and one of my friends had suggested it as well and there where be a section for asking about Linux, Windows, and Mac. So hopefully More users will come and see this site. The partners of this site do have life's to live and such but we will do our best to answer any and all questions reguarding it all.

I don't do things because they are hard nore because they are needed. I do them simply because I can -CureMyMind

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