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READ ME Brave Posters

Post by CureMyMind on Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:35 pm

In the Brave Posters (Brave Topics) you can rant about windows and cuz each other out. You can tell us why Windows is better or why Mac is better. Or for Linux lovers you can rant why Linux is better. You can fight it out here. My only rule is this one.

1. Do not do illegal posting.

Now if you are confused by that don't show your enemy or your friend on there how to do illegal activities. Do it some where else. Don't show people how you hacked them. You can tell them how you can hack a windows or a mac or a linux comptuer but do not show prof of it. If you do make sure it is of your own network your own computers, ect. This rule is really bendable on the honer system.

So fight it out, talk trash, make werid posts. You are Free here.

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