READ ME READ ME Beginners Posts

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READ ME READ ME Beginners Posts

Post by CureMyMind on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:50 pm

There really isn't rules that this forum will set up. But do keep you posts as clear as possible tell us which distro you have. Bassically just detail your question. For example what linux you have, what is your comptuer specs, and what command or things did you do. Don't feel dumb for ask about Windows or Mac with linux.

The rules are simple.

1. Respect others do not trash talk.
2. All posts are fair questions....
3. NO ILLEGAL questions we will not show you how to hack if its not your own network.
4. When asking about Windows/MAC it has to have Linux assocation. I'm talking about virutal machine and all.

#3. The number 3 rule doesn't need to be followed in Brave Posts.

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